Wednesday, November 24, 2004

A Fine Day for Brown Water

This past Saturday was the most recent occassion to gather in the afternoon and partake of that marvelous substance that we call Scotch Whisky. We had a bare quorum of the usual suspects--Damon, John, Steve, and I were in attendance. Saturday was a bit different than the usual collection of single malts. Instead, we tasted four varieties of Johnnie Walker from a gift set that Damon found in a duty free shop in Canada.

We decided to proceed from oldest to youngest. (Beware: the following links include cheesy music.) First we started with Johnnie Walker blue. Now of course, almost everyone has tried the Red, but Blue has become an almost mythical substance in our set--the holy grail of blended scotch. We started here because the literature told us it had malts in it as old as 50 years. Wow. On to the tasting, It was obviously a blend, but still quite enjoyable. It had a very subtle flavor. The next label tasted, gold, carried on in much the same vein. The gold label wasn't as good as the blue (I was actually wishing for single malts again at this point).

Next up, we tasted one I'd never even heard of: Johnnie Walker Green Label. This blend of all highland malts was far and away my favorite of the evening. This one had all the characteristics I look for in a single malt (save peatiness): very distinctive flavor, texture, nose, and the like.

Finally, for the Johnnies, we tasted the black label. The only thing I can really say about this one is that we all had a laugh when Damon announced that he didn't need his knife to get the cork off. I mean really. Should I spend time commenting on whisky that has a screw-off cap like a bottle of Boone's Farm?

At long last we got to taste the Glenmorn (sp?) that Steve had brought. Of course, I can't say much about it since I was already four scotches in. Hopefully, we can revisit it at our next gathering.

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