Monday, November 22, 2004

The Scotch Story Thus Far...

Spring 2002
On April 28, we once again had the pleasure of sampling some great single-malt scotch whiskys. This time the lineup included on two new samples, but we also returned to an old favo(u)rite.

  • Glenrothes - 11 Year Old. This was a wonderfully packaged, small batch single malt whisky. It's a Speyside scotch that had an invigorating smell and a nice velvetty finish. Although it had a bit of tang to it still, it was very smooth.
  • Isle of Jura - 16 Year Old. The initial bouquet was almost non-existant on the cork, but it did gain a bit of strength in the glass after it was baptized (a few droplets of water were added to bring out the flavor). Although nominally and literally an island scotch, it smelled very much like a highland scotch. The taste of this was very buttery and smooth as well with just the barest hint of peat with a bit of a salty taste to evoke its island origins. It also a bit of a almondy aftertaste.

All in all the experience was a pleasant one. Both scotches were welcome tastes to our palates.

The other scotch re-sampled was the Glenfarclas, described below.

Winter 2002
Yes, we gathered once again for a glorious afternoon sampling some of Scotland's finest distillations. This time the line-up included:

  • Dalwhinnie - 15 Year Old. A single highland malt from the highest distillery in Scotland.
  • Glen Deveron - 5 Year Old (No kidding). More smell than taste.
  • McCllelands - Another of the under $20 bottles. Very smoky and peaty. Not Subtle! No age available.
  • Glenfarclas - 12 Year Old. Very Smooth with a buttery finish.
  • Speyburn - 10 Year Old. Honey bouquet, very fruity. A highland malt from Speyside?! Strong start with a smooth finish.
  • Glen Moray - 12 Year Old. Another Speyside malt. Good taste, but not as remarkable as the Dalwhinnie or the Glenfarclas.

And finally, our "German" Scotch:

  • Auchentoshan - I didn't taste this one. I do recall making great sport of the name in rather terrible german accents. (It's not really German of course.)

Favorites thus far...

  • Laguvalin
  • Laprhroaig
  • Aberlour
  • Talisker
  • Ardbeg (NEW!)
Note: Transcribed from earlier description on a now defunct website.

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