Saturday, February 12, 2005

Scotchy Goodness

Highlight of the day: taking a fieldtrip up to Tower Spirits to purchase a special bottle of whisky to commerate four years of scotch tastings. The result? Bowmore, 21-year old Islay single malt scotch (Top scotch entry). I'll report back on how it tastes as we're partaking next weekend.

In the interim, to celebrate our trip, we absolutely had to try a couple of expressions today. As I type, I've just finished a wonderful Glenfiddich Caoran Reserve. It's not especially old--12 years--but theoretically, it could have whisky of a much greater age included since the casks are never less than half full. This expression had a unique nose, smelling of seaweed or something else organic, but the taste totally belied the nose. Very long finish, very smooth taste--typically Glenfiddich.

Next up, a 15-year old Longmorn, left over from when we last gathered. Another excellent choice. Very good taste, but not as long of a finish. The initial taste is a bit spicy.

Finally, we're going to taste a bit of bourbon (Basil Hayden's to be exact).

Update: Added links.

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