Friday, March 25, 2005

Weather Notes

Finally, I think we can bid the up and down temperatures and wild swings in weather quality goodbye here in Altanta* [ed note: wait 10 minutes]. The temperature is supposed to top 70 today. We've seen 70 before this year, but I don't think we'll have to worry about sinking into the 40s again. Of course, this only means that another trip to Pittsburgh can't be too far in my future.

It's so nice, I was finally persuaded to leave the car parked and walk to work again. Let's see if I can keep that as a resolution for the next couple of months--walk at least three or four days a week. Reasons I was so excited about my new job: a) it's proximity to my home b) it's distance from Alpharetta anc c) various work related things like autonomy, lack of BS, and the ability to regrow a goatee.

np - Lloyd Cole & The Commotions - Are You Ready to be Heartbroken

*Knocking on wood, of course.


Megarita said...

Rock on, kiddo. Sorry to leave that weather behind. I'm back in the fog and the cold weather. Thanks again for the music excellence, and bravo finding a blogname that I actually remembered after all.

cheerio -

Gray said...

I rode my bike to Criminal Records yesterday. It was awesome.