Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Now They're Messing with the National Pastime

Just when you thought the Washington Republicans couldn't get any weirder, you get this. What business do congressional Republicans have telling MLB who or who cannot buy a stake in one of their teams? Aren't they the party of free enterprise [Ed. Note: for those who have already got theirs and vote right, apparently].

Apparently demonizing George Soros as sometime kind of atheist bent on destroying Christianity--all the while hurling thinly veiled anti-semitic slurs his way--is not enough. Now they want to restrict him from making an investment in the Washington Nationals. Why? Maybe because he is better at their chief constituency's game than they are. He is richer than mammon after all.

No, that's not it "at all". It's to keep politics out of business [Ed. Note: business in politics, however, is another matter all together]. Their hypocrisy is just too much sometimes.

Update: Here's the take from Sportsfrog and the Spofi thread for some more righteous indignation (and some minor typo-fixing).

NP: "There is a Light That Never Goes Out" - Nada Surf

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