Saturday, June 25, 2005

A Song for St. Mary's: A Poetic MapIII. The Collect

This 10,000 acres forms a funnel
to collect rain let loose before
loaded thunderheads roll over the ridge--
Collects and brings together to make one.
Each raindrop finds its way by paths beyond
remembrance to join, taking greater homily
into the desert to live among men
until it passes into the primordial
sea, from whence it came, ascending,
evaporating to hasten yet back
across the fields to gather once again.
No water is ever truly still, but
it will collect again unto itself.

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72 said...

I like the new layout!

Tim said...

Thanks, I've been meaning to personalize it for awhile now, and this weekend seemed like the appropriate time. There may be some more tweaks coming...