Monday, July 18, 2005

Another Trip Around the Rock

So. I'm officially one year older as of yesterday.

Having a birthday on a weekend is always a nice thing, even if crawling into work this morning was kind of tough. I also got an email that says I share the same birthday as the following people:

Bitty Schram - 1968
David Hasselhoff - 1952
Diahann Carroll - 1935
Donald Sutherland - 1935
James Cagney - 1899
Mike Vogel - 1979
Phyllis Diller - 1917

What, there's no one famous born yesterday in 1969?

James Cagney is very cool, but David Hasselhoff? Yikes.

NP: "Fun to be Happy" - Love Tractor

1 comment:

Gray said...

You KNOW you celebrated by watching "BAYWATCH: Hawaiian Wedding" on DVD. Don't try to play it off...

I hope it was a good one!