Friday, July 08, 2005

Last Week's Top 10 Artists

So here's what I've been hearing the most of last week (Via Audioscrobbler.)
  1. The Clash
  2. The Afghan Whigs
  3. The Wedding Present
  4. The Microphones
  5. Pulp
  6. The Replacements
  7. The Beastie Boys
  8. Neko Case
  9. The Pixies
  10. Beck
And, just for fun, this was the most listened to track of the previous week: "Go Man Go" by The Wedding Present (the only song I heard four times during that week).

This list applies through July 3, but I need some theme to my Friday blogging, since I don't own a cat or any other pet.

NP: "Washington Bullets" - The Clash

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