Wednesday, July 20, 2005

To The Moon!

Those of you who know me probably know I've long had a fascination with space exploration. I can psychoanalyze this all I want, but applying Occam's razor yields a far less interesting result. I'm interested because I was born while Neal Armstrong et al. were hurtling toward the moon in 1969. [Ed Note: And if you'd been born when you were due or even four days later, your name would be Neal, heh].

36 years ago today, these men made that one small step for man. In honor of that, I give you Google Moon! Too bad you can't see any remnants (which certain acquaintances of mine who shall remain nameless will say that it proves it was all a hoax).

NP: "Every Planet We Reach is Dead" - Gorillaz

I swear the musical choice is merely coincidental.

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