Monday, August 15, 2005

Bad Movies

Roger Ebert checks in with his list of most hated films. It's pretty much the list you would expect. The only item that surprised me was his inclusion of The Usual Suspects:
Once again, my comprehension began to slip, and finally I wrote down: "To the degree that I do understand, I don't care." It was, however, somewhat reassuring at the end of the movie to discover that I had, after all, understood everything I was intended to understand. It was just that there was less to understand than the movie at first suggests.
This isn't the funniest of the glimpses, and there's a fair amount of acidic humor here. For example his take on Joe Dirt:
We professional movie critics count it a banner week when only one movie involves eating, falling into or being covered by excrement (or a cameo appearance by Carson Daly). We are not prudes. We are prepared to laugh. But what these movies, including "Joe Dirt," often do not understand is that the act of being buried in crap is not in and of itself funny.
I can't comment on most of these since I've only seen a couple of them (and none of them make my guilty pleasure list). I can tell you my most hated movie, and there's really no rhyme nor reason to it. My all time most hated movie is Never Been Kissed. Like I said, I can't logically explain it, but just seeing it on the cable listings is enough to make me run screaming from the living room straight to the nearest bar.

UPDATE: Of course! How could I not add Dirty Dancing to my list. Guess what, Baby, I just put you in the corner.

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