Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday Music Report

I've listened to a lot of music over the last week, as I've been putting in a lot of hours and my iPod plays constantly when I'm busy at work.

According to Audioscrobbler, I listened to the following bands the most over the last week:
  1. Idlewild - Second week in a row. I'm really enjoying Warnings/Promises
  2. The Clash - Sandanista! mainly
  3. Aghan Whigs - Oh yeah, I know what jail is like
  4. The Charlatans UK - Same position as last week.
  5. Beck - Finally got around to listening to Guero
  6. Neko Case - Man, can this woman sing!
  7. Wilco - For those of you who know me, this should come no shock
  8. Swervedrive - Thanks Damon for filling out my collection here.
  9. Gorillaz - Demon Days is another album I'd highly recommend (if Gorillaz is your thing)
  10. The Smiths - And I still don't remember hearing them this much (33 times apparently)
And, drum roll please, the most listened to track of the last week? We have a five way tie with 13 times each!
  • Beck - "Pressure Zone"
  • The Charlatans UK - "Impossible"
  • Idlewild - "Everyone Says You're So Fragile"
  • Idlewild - "I Want a Warning"
  • Gorillaz - "Every Planet We Reach is Dead"
I expect to see both Maximo Park and Artic Monkey on these lists next week. You've been warned!

Finally, since I've never reported the top five all-time musical artist, here goes: The Clash, The Charlatans UK, Pulp, Wilco, and Idelwild (in that order). That seems about right to me even if Idlewild is currently a bit artificially high (displacing Afghan Whigs).

NP: "Black Dress" - Ed Harcourt

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