Monday, August 08, 2005

It's Happy Hour Again

South Carolina are probably having a number of long happy hours on Anheuser-Busch's dime. The problem is, the money was intended to go to the South Carolina Republican party. Ooops. Now the Republicans want their money [Ed. Note: an actual point of real insight in this post? You're slipping]. And the Democrats say the check, well, er, uhm, it's in the mail.

But seriously, isn't this like receiving something in the mail you didn't order. Don't you get to keep it? It's not the fault of the democrats that someone in St. Louis accidentally [Ed. Note: You mean some fifth column America hating mail clerk] sent it to the Democrats.

Maybe they should use it, whoever gets the money eventually, to buy people who are unemployed a beer or two. God knows with this economy, they need it.

But seriously, when people ask me why I voted for Kerry instead of Bush, as if it needs further explication, I say, "when Clinton was president, I drank Newcastle; now I'm can only afford Miller High Life. You do the math."

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