Monday, August 15, 2005

Woodshedding Watershed

At long last, a long weekend. A graduation was celebrated. Stress was survived. And drinks were had. Immediately following the ceremony, we retired to Watershed restaurant in Decatur and enjoyed a fine meal. I for one didn't know that pimento cheese could be so good.

One quibble, while their bloody mary's seemed to fit the bill for those vodka drinkers among us, the mint julep decidedly did not. A mint julep is not a bourbon on the rocks with a sprig of mint people! Didn't anyone involved with this restaurant grow up in the South?

In case anyone involved with Watershed finds his or her way to this place, here is a recipe for a proper mint julep, and another, and another [Ed Note: We get the point]. Please note the presence of shaved ice and a frosted glass in all these.

Please stop the bait and switch.

NP: "Breakdown" - Suede

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