Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bloc Party + The Tom Collins

Last night was the long awaited Bloc Party show at the Tabernacle. It really has been long awaited since I discovered them on the Internets about this time last year when Banquet hit me like a pile of bricks. So I assiduously searched for every track of theirs I could find. I eventually bought the CD about two months after I had somehow amassed all the tracks anyway. The only other time Bloc Party has played Atlanta was at Music Midtown in June. I missed it because, well, it was Music Midtown and the last thing I want with my music is a lot of mud, rain, and drunken 18 year old Gwinnetians puking in my general vicinity. So the Tabernacle it was.

We arrived about half way through the opening band's set. The Tom Collins, a local band, somehow got the enviable job of getting the crowd ready for the main event. I had no idea what to expect. We had heard a couple of their songs at The Usual before we left for the show, and to be honest I wasn't that impressed by the sound. The band was much better live, bringing quite a bit of energy. They were a very tight band, even if their sound still had a bit too much Led Zeppelin lurking in the background for my taste. Their website has a couple of songs available for download here.

Bloc Party took the stage about 9:30 (somewhat early comparitively) after being introduced by a DJ from the local alternapop radio station. A few glitches in their first few songs didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the crowd, and they hit their stride about three songs in with the aforementioned Banquet,about the same time the drummer removed his shirt. This may be the first show I've ever seen with a completely shirtless drummer. Maybe he was channeling his inner Tommy Lee or something.

Gratuitious display of skin aside, the band proceeded to rip through their set. I haven't seen a crowd at the Tabernacle ever display the energy I witnessed last night. The floor actually was bouncing up and down (think Schewel's Warehouse in 1991 for those who know). After about 45 minutes, they closed the set, but returned for two encores (something I haven't seen in a while). The stand out tracks of the evening were Banquet and The Pioneers (which closed their first encore).

Two friends who were unfamiliar with the band really enjoyed the show, so I'll go with their judgment. I would probably too predisposed with my judgment. Anything that didn't suck would have worked for me at this point. I'm happy to say that they did anything but.

This is just the first of many great shows coming to the ATL this fall, so my wallet will be suffering. Wednesday night, The Walkmen will be visiting The Earl, followed by Tenement Halls on Saturday. Tenement Halls is the new project of Chris Lopez from the Rock*A*Teens, and I think I like the newer stuff even better than the Rock*A*Teens, though that may be blasphemy here in the Old Fourth Ward.

I don't have a ticket to either show yet, but I hope to catch at least one of them.

NP: "Masterplan" - My Morning Jacket

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