Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Free Opera

I don't know how many of you are still using Internet Explorer (no link really necessary for IE), but I thought it worth noting that Opera is now free. I use Firefox myself, but giving Internet users a choice of browser, rather than hamstringing them with the bloated browser that ships with their PC is always a good thing.

Either of these browsers, in my opinion, beats the pants off IE in a head to head matchup (tabs, customized looks, etc.), but Opera's biggest drawback was always the presence of banner ads in the browser itself. Recently, they offered free licenses for their 10th anniversary, which was probably anticipating their ultimate move to a free browser.

Now, instead of making money from advertising or from selling the software outright, Opera hopes to make money through the Internet searches directly from their browser. The results then will bedirected to Google or other search engine advertising, which will give Opera a cut. This model is interesting, especially since Google search is integrated directly into Firefox. I definintely have to give them credit for the attempt though. Most people don't care about the source for their results as long as it gets them the information they need. And this is Opera's audience.

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