Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Just in Time for Christmas!

As some of you may recall, Georgia was recently in the news for trying to display the ten commandments in various public spaces. Really, this is write up there with the "gravity is only a theory and not a fact" stickers they tried to place in Cobb County science books (all to support their Intelligent Falling notion of course) as far as Georgia news goes. It seems that everytime something like this comes up, it's usually is from the bright-red Atlanta suburbs.

Well, this July, sanity finally prevailed when the ACLU sued Barrow County over their version of the rock tablets, and the presiding judge ordered the commandments removed from public property.

Now, to raise the funds to cover the court costs (all of which could have been saved if someone had actually read the First Amendment), Ten Commandments-Georgia has placed the offending item up for sale on eBay. Have any of you got a spare couple of thousand laying around that I could borrow to find this an appropriate home? Darn, I didn't think so. [Ed. Note: that picture of Zell Miller is pretty scary so click the thoushalt.org link at your own risk.] via mefi.

NP: "Everything Changed" - The Charlatans UK

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