Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I'd like to take this chance to highlight a new addition to the list of Flannel Approved sites: Blue Ridge Blog. Take a surf on over and check out her great photos of western North Carolina. I found it this morning, and as of this writing, you'll be greeted with a great picture of the Blue Ridge (or is it the Smokies?) shrouded in their eponymous haze. There are lots of other great images to feast on as well--including broccoli!

Of course this reminds me of where I grew up and brings my mind back to the St. Mary's River. There's a new St. Mary's post forthcoming. Really, I promise! [Ed. Note: We've heard that all before.] Actually, I have a few in process, one dealing with the idea of mountains, especially those that cradle the river. I'll then turn to a brief overview of the Geology of the area.

Also, I hope to have brief reviews of a couple of the new Echo & the Bunnymen' album, Siberia (which I'm listening to right now).

NP: "All Because of You Days" - Echo & the Bunnymen

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