Thursday, September 01, 2005

Where is FEMA?

Privatized and crony-ized to the point of non-existence, that's where. What is it with Republicans and their fetish for privitization. How many hard lessons do we need to live through to make them realize what is blindingly obvious to even the most casual observer: it doesn't work for things on this scale.

I'm not anti-business or anything, but what we have to remember is the raison d'etre for businesses: to make money. Not to help people. Sometimes, you need some "big" government. Just ask the citizens of New Orleans and Biloxi and Gulfport who where too poor or had no means to evacuate. They aren't stupid, as I'm sure Neal Boortz is saying right now, but they simply did not have the necessary resources. And now they are stuck, and nothing can help it seems.

When does the Bush administration have it's performance review anyway. I get one every year.

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