Tuesday, October 04, 2005

At Least It Isn't Georgia

Good Old Ten Commandments Roy Moore is running for Governor of Alabama. Apparently, he's been touring the nation with the inscribed rock that he was forced to remove from his former courtouse and showcasing it before large crowds.

The scary thing, by every account I've seen, is that he is very popular in Alabama, much as George Wallace was back in his day (despite his shifting opinions to match new cultural winds). I could easily see him winning first the Republican nomination and then the Governorship. Maybe Alabama has a soft spot for politician willing to say "screw you" to any outside authority, since the issues that drive these two are pretty well separated by history and nature. (I can't opine on the reasoning any more since Alabama does have higher SAT scores than Georgia.)

My Wallace comparision isn't totally off the cuff either. Joshua Green's profile of him in the Atlantic Monthly makes the same comparison, which could me very interesting electoral scenarios down the line if the good ex-judge decides to take his crusade nationwide.

NP: "Double Day"- Afghan Whigs

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