Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday Music Report

Here are the artist's thatI've been listening to the most over the last week (according to
  1. Bloc Party - They're here because of the show the other week. Seeing a band live always makes me want to listen to them more.
  2. Neutral Milk Hotel - How on earth did I miss this until recently. Now I'm hearing In the Aeroplane Over the Seaeverywhere. Thanks again Vllack.
  3. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - I can see some of their influences now. See above.
  4. Elf Power - Another recent addition to my library. I don't like this as much as Neutral Milk Hotel, but that's just a little bit unfair of a comparison isn't it?
  5. Echo & the Bunnymen - I'm really enjoying their new album, Siberia. It's not quite the rocker that Evergreenwas, but it's not quite the same mellow music they've been making in the interval either.
  6. Swervedriver - According to my referral logs, searching for "Swervedriver pics" has brought about 10 different people here. Strange.
  7. The Clash - Sometimes I forget how important reggae is to their sound. The comments to this post at Dilettante in Distress reminded me of that
  8. The Decemberists - I can hear a bit of Jeff Mangum in their music now too. With a little more Victorian literature of course.
  9. Stereolab - I really don't remember hearing them this much. Maybe that's because they make such good background music for writing and editing.
  10. Wilco - November 1 sees the release of Kicking Television (no link yet), a live album recorded last may. I'm looking forward to it.
The most played tracks of the week? Well, just about everything from In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. I must have listened to that about 10 times.

NP: "Midnight" - Immaculate Machine

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