Thursday, October 20, 2005

Mike Luckovich's Blog

Pulitzer-winning editorial cartoonist for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Mike Luckovich, now has a blog. I think this is a good example of how mainstream or more traditional print journalism (or even other non-traditional bloggers such as corporate PR) can use blogging to engage with their community of readers.

Political cartoons, and political satire in general, inherently will cause some controversy because of their subject matter. Here, the cartoon itself and the pre-exisiting voting cabability is paired with comments and posts. By giving his readers a chance to comment directly, and engaging with them directly, Luckovich has the opportunity to explain himself, out idiots for just what they are, or otherwise just have fun with it.

For example, he's currently offering to pen a pro-Bush cartoon on a subject of his readers' choice, if they can find something they can still support about the President. (Not surprisingly, most of the Bush supporters ideas weren't pro-Bush, but anti-liberal, creationism-loving rants.)

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