Thursday, October 20, 2005

Say It Ain't So, Leo

In bad news for Braves fans everywhere, Leo Mazzone, who should the first pitching coach who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame, is apparently joining the Orioles. Apparently, the Orioles' new manager is one of his best friends from way back. He's been with the Braves organization since 1979, and I can't really imagine the Braves without him rocking on the bench.

What does this mean. Immediately, I'd have to guess that Atlanta's streak of 14 consecutive division titles ends right there. I really like the youth on the team, but pitching wins championships. Now, we'll see no more reclamation projects like John Thompson, Jaret Wright, and John Burkett. How much worse would Dan Kolb been without Leo?

On the other side, Mazzone won't have nearly the talent to work with in Baltimore, but if he can improve their picthing just a little, they should be able to contend with their offense alone.

At least he turned the Yankees down.

NP: "So. Central Rain" - R.E.M.

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