Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Looking back at my archives, I see that my first entries on this, my third incarnation of a blog, occurred a year ago today. My previous attempts either evolved from a blog to a full-on employment search support site or just faded due to my lack of time. My initial entries here were actually the cream of the crop (scotch) from a previous incarnation.

Over the last year, I created 176 posts, averaging a post every two days or so over this time. My posting frequency has increased lately though. I started with one or two regular readers, now I have between 40 and 50 daily readers if StatCounter's count of returning visitors can be believed (and the trend lines are looking good). I've also moved from blogspot to my own domain (update those links).

I had no idea this experiment would last this time around. I started blogging to brush off my writing skills when I wasn't doing much copywriting. My topics were all over the map in the beginning, since I just wanted to keep my writing muscles exercised. Since then, its purpose has evolved a bit to provide more commentary, and a few central topics have emerged. Also, I seem to sense a nascent community here as well (even though its numbers are still small).

Overall, I guess I'll stick around since this whole blogging thing has become rather central to my week (if not day). And since I've always thought anniversaries and birthdays are great times to look ahead as much as you look back, it's a good time for some goals. With that in mind, here are some things I'm thinking about for the coming months:
  • More St. Mary's posts as I have time to edit and revise my current notes (on the idea of mountains, blue-ridge geology, and southern appalachain flora and fauna)
  • A year-end music report (c'mon, you know you love lists)
  • More posts, more frequently
  • A migration from Blogger to WordPress, so I can begin to tag and categorize my posts (anyone have tips and tricks?)
  • Design tweaks based on the migration (nothing too radical I promise)
  • Expanded permanent content
  • I may even add ads, or is that just a horrible idea?
Have a happy Thanksgiving break everyone.

NP: "Ihop" - Luna

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