Friday, November 18, 2005

Roy Keane Leaves Manchester United

This is shocking. I'm not a United fan by any stretch of the imagination, but this caught me entirely off guard. He was their captain and the enforcer in the midfield. More than that, Roy Keane has been the rock upon which ManU has built its success. Despite his temper and his contentious relationship with manager Sir Alex Ferguson, I find it hard to believe he's just walking away from the club afer 12 years (an eternity in sports). In his time with the club, ManU has been the most successful team in England. Their dominance has only recently waned with the rise of Arsenal and more lately, Chelsea. It's only fitting that he's leaving ManU the same year that Viera left Arsenal given the contentious, physical battles they've participated in against one another over the years.

I can't imagine he's completely done though. He's only 34 and has a couple of years left in him. I wonder where he's off to now. First, the big spenders. Chelsea, while they can afford him, doesn't need yet another midfielder. The thought of him at Arsenal is laughable. And he really doesn't fit the mold of a Real Madrid midfielder.

Here's a thought. Why not Wigan. They are currently second in the premiere league, which no one, including me, expected. I'm sure he could help them stay up this year. My best guess, however, is that he'll end up in green hoops with Celtic.

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