Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I just bought tickets to see the Drive-By Truckers next weekend at the Tabernacle. (Will I be seeing you there El Gray?)

The list price for the tickets? $25. A little pricey, but no problem; I bought two.

Now for the fun part. How in the holy hell does $25 x 2 = $70.35. It must be the new math.

First, U.S. customers are no longer allowed to pick up the tickets at will call when using Ticketmaster (no link for them). No, that would cost them a little bit of change. Instead, they charge $2.5o to deliver the damn tickets by e-mail for God's sake. Whatever happened to the Internet decreasing costs? I mean, sending an e-mail doesn't cost a thing over and above the connectivity costs they already have to pay. This is over and above the ridiculous service charge (now $6.75) they tack on as a hidden cost to every ticket they sell.

The cost of a damn ticket should be the cost of the damn ticket. How much of this goes to the artist and venue anyway? Probably not a hell of a lot. They're making money hand over fist on us poor fools because we have no alternative.

It's time to bust this monopoly up beyond all recognition.

NP: "Perfecting Loneliness" - Jets to Brazil

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