Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Worst Album Covers of All Time

Our friends over at Pitchfork have compiled a snark-filled list of the worst albums covers of all time in their own inimitable way. My favorite:

Why is this one my favorite out of all those horrible, horrible choices? It's Corey Feldman... singing for God's sake. And the album art matches the shudder-inducing thought of what this must sound like.

I also have to love the inclusion of Dirty Work by the Rolling Stones. As old as they may be, they shouldn't be wearing such colors.

UPDATE: I fixed the image display problem. So now, I'll have Mr. Feldman on my site for all eternity (however long that is in Internet time).

UPDATE II: Head on over to Dilettante in Distress to check out her selections for worst album covers.

NP: "It's All Gonna Break" - Broken Social Scene

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