Friday, December 09, 2005

Friday Music Report

According to my profile, I listened to the following artists the most last week:
  1. Swervedriver - Many thanks to Kenyon, my favorite bartender, for completing my collection of this band. He's right. Mezcal Head rocks.
  2. The Charlatans UK - Their self titled CD is still the only one that my friend Senior and I have in common in our collections.
  3. Echo & the Bunnymen - I just couldn't quite put Siberia in my year-end top 20. More on that later.
  4. Blur - Maybe I should start combining Blur and Gorillaz, since they seem to transition seamlessly from on to the other in my ear.
  5. Death Cab for Cutie - I still don't like Plans nearly as much as Transatlanticism.
  6. Wilco - Yes, I know I need to buy Kicking Television.
  7. Stereolab - I never remember hearing them this much, or really at all for that matter.
  8. Elvis Costello - Have I ever told you all how much my iPod loves Elvis Costello. I can't go an hour with it on shuffle without it trying to play at least one Costello song. I have a lot of his music, but not that much.
  9. The Clash - Still the only band that matters.
  10. Robyn Hitchcock (& the Egyptians) - Has anyone heard his new album, Spooked? Apparently, it features Gillian Welch and has a countryish feel. Color me intrigued.
NP: "Lucky Man" - The Verve

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