Monday, April 03, 2006

World Cup Fever Continues to Rise

Really, I'm not trying to bore all my readers who don't enjoy the beautiful game as much as I do. It's just that with the World Cup on the horizon and the Champion's League in its final stages, many of the things I'm finding right now are soccer related.

Submitted for your approval: The World Cup Blog. It seems to have some pretty comprehensive coverage, with blogs dedicated to each of the 32 teams in the tournament. Right now, the USA blog is in the process of helping out Bruce Arena by picking the 23 man roster a month early.

Also, since some of my occassional readers also find follow other teams involved as well, here's a couple more: Brazil, England, and Argentina (for you X!). Finally, in the interest of completeness, here are the blogs for the other teams in the USA's group: Italy, the Czech Republic, and Ghana. (via Spofi)

NP: "Nextstopexjock" - The Oranges Band

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