Friday, July 28, 2006


I'll be leaving for the beach tomorrow and will be gone all week. After the last few weeks, it may be my most deserved vacation ever.

Expect less than zero posting until I return Saturday week. Until then!

NP "Silver Lawyers" - Elk City

Friday Music Report

According to my profile, I listened to the following music the most last week:
  1. The Wedding Present
  2. Guided by Voices
  3. The Clash
  4. Echo & the Bunnymen
  5. Sleater Kinney
  6. My Morning Jacket
  7. The National
  8. Sigur Ros
  9. Wilco
  10. I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness
Some new names in there, which is a good thing. In keeping with the spirit of the last few weeks, here are 10 random choices from my iPod:
  • "Hard to be Human" - The Mekons
  • "Love Gets Dangerous" - Billy Bragg
  • "Prologue" - Toenut
  • "Right of Way" - The Von Blondies
  • "5 - 4 Vocal" - Pavement
  • "Bring the Noise" - Public Enemy
  • "Come on! Feel the Illinoise!" - Sufjan Stevens
  • "Red Tan" - The Raveonettes
  • "Garrison" - Film School
And I've made it another week without one of my more embarrassing songs making this list, and for that I'm truly thankful.

NP: "Honeybear" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Editors + Lake Trout + The Futurists

Last night, Editors opened their U.S. tour at the Roxy here in Atlanta. I didn't even realize they were coming to town until last weekend, but I'm happy to have made it to the show.

Opening for them were local band, The Futurists, and Lake Trout, from Baltimore. The Roxy keeps on a pretty strict time schedule apparently, so I ended up totally missing The Futurists. I did manage to hear most of Lake Trout's set. Whoever was running the board, however, didn't do a very good job as the vocals and lead guitar were, for the most part, totally obscured by drums and bass (I can't imagine that was the sound they were going for). The result was a very muddy sound for all but one of their songs. The one song that came through clearly, I liked. Maybe it was the Frank-Black like yelping. In any case, I'm going to reserve judgement until I hear an mp3 of theirs or two.

Strangely, the show didn't seem to be sold out, as there was still some room around when Editors took the stage, and the balcony was closed. All I have to say is a lot of people missed out on a great, if too brief, show. For those of your familiar with their music, their stage presence was nothing at all like I expected. Instead of sticking right in front of the mic and making little movement (like Ian Curtis for example), these guys were all over the place on stage. They really reminded me of the antics of the Psychedelic Furs in their prime.

Oh, yeah, the music. For the first show of their tour, they were amazing tight and ripped through most of the songs from their album, The Back Room. They even played two or three new songs that may be on their next album (I can't be sure about the third). Once they had completed their set, they had played all but one song that I had heard before, so I can't really blame them for the brevity of the show. The encore ("Bullets") was electric and really got the crowd moving even more than they had been before.

Final assessment? This show did nothing to shake my belief that The Back Room is the album Interpol's second album should have been.

Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of the show that are worth posting here. The light show played havoc with my camera phone (it was cool though), and I neglected to bring a proper digital camera.

ASIDE: Dear Dilettante in Distress, if you read this and you don't have their album yet. Go. As quickly as possible. I'm pretty darned certain you won't be disappointed.

NP: "All Good Naysayers, Speak Up! Or Forever Hold Your Peace!" - Sufjan Stevens

Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday Music Report

According to my profile at, I listened to the following music the most last week:
  1. Elf Power
  2. Sunset Rubdown
  3. Echo & the Bunnymen
  4. The Charlatans U.K.
  5. Blur
  6. Wilco
  7. Swervedriver
  8. The Connells
  9. Steve Earle
  10. The Hold Steady
Nothing really new there, except perhaps Sunset Rubdown, a Wolf Parade side project that I'd highly recommend. Last week, I also offerred 10 random songs from my iPod, and it was kind of fun, so here are 10 more:
  • Kill the Power - Snowden
  • Ballad of the Band - The Charlatans U.K.
  • Cry One More Time - Gram Parsons
  • Dark is Light Enough - The Duke Spirit
  • Death or Glory - The Clash
  • How Near How Far - ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
  • President of What? - Death Cab for Cutie
  • The Pigs - Toenut
  • Winchester - Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians
  • Her Last Fling - Lloyd Cole and the Commotions
NP: "Pulp Song" - Stellastarr*

*I still have no idea what the asterisk is for, so I thought I'd invent a footnote.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Sports Guy Picks an EPL Team

As most of you already know, I'm a committed follower of Arsenal in the EPL. How this happened is really just a matter of random chance and free tickets, but happen it did. Now that the world cup is over again, I've had a number of people tell me that they wanted to start supporting an EPL team, to which I reply: "Anyone but Chelsea or ManU".

Well, if any of you out there are interested in doing this in a more methodical manner, ESPN's Bill Simmons (the Sports Guy) wrote an article chronicling how he picked an EPL team. He considers all 20 current teams in the league, offers American sports analogies, and eventually comes up with a team to support. I won't spoil it for you, but his choice did surprise me.

Senior, you'll be happy to know that he compares Newcastle to the Raiders.

NP: "Thorn" - My Bloody Valentine

The Party Party?

There's really nothing else to add.

NP: "Pyramid Song" - Radiohead

Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday Music Report seems to be down at the moment, so I can't report on what I listened to the most last week. Taking another page from the music blogging handbook, however, I can give you a random 10. All this entails is setting up a smart playlist in iTunes to grab 10 songs totally at random from my music collection. So here they are:
  • Man in a Box - Fur Patrol
  • Off Your Face - My Bloody Valentine
  • Bury Me with It - Modest Mouse
  • Dangle - The Spinanes
  • Kamera (Alternate Version) - Wilco
  • Seagull (live) - Ride
  • Zephyr - Electrafixion
  • Nice Cup of Tea - The Damned
  • I'm Hungry - The Sugarcubes
  • Little Girl - Death from Above 1979
This type of list may even provide more insight into my musical tastes as a whole. Hopefully, I'll be able to update this with the actual listening report this weekend.

NP: "The Day After the Revolution" - Pulp

UPDATE: My profile seems to be available again, and it seems that has changed things around a bit as well (though that may be guesswork, since I can't get everything to load right). So, without further ado, here is what I listened to the most last week:
  1. Death Cab for Cutie
  2. Wilco
  3. Swervedriver
  4. Echo & the Bunnymen
  5. The Charlatans U.K.
  6. The Wedding Present
  7. The Pixies
  8. Supergrass
  9. The White Stripes
  10. The Dandy Warhols
NP: "Takk/Glósóli" - Sigur Rós

Friday, July 07, 2006

Google Confirmed as a Verb

Catching up with the colloquial rather quickly, Merriam-Webster has decided that google is a verb.

NP: "It's All the Same" - Wilderness

Friday Music Report

It's been a busy week, so I apologize for the lack of posts. After the World Cup and holidays and such, things should return to more or less normal. On to the music!

According to my profile, I listened to the following music the most last week.
  1. The National
  2. The Charlatans U.K.
  3. Ted Leo & the Pharmacists
  4. The Essex Green
  5. Calexico
  6. Joy Division
  7. Bettie Serveert
  8. Lush
  9. Neko Case
  10. The Black Keys
NP: "Someday Soon" - Wilco