Thursday, September 28, 2006

Google Reader Redux

Google has updated Google Reader. I posted about this when Google first introduced Reader about a year ago. Now, they've updated it quite a bit, and the results are quite an improvement.

They've addressed all the little annoyances that have been building up (though not enough to try feeddemon again) very well. Now, you can view your feeds according to how you've tagged them. This makes this a much more logical experience than before when the default was a long list. For example, I can either read or ignore the feeds from my music blogs without having to scroll through them or ignore them while I'm working on something else.

All and all, given my hour or two with the changes I'd say "job well done". They've managed to fix some of the things that were starting to annoy me without breaking the whole thing altogether. If you rely on RSS as much as I do, give it a whirl.

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