Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I Suck

There's no way avoiding it. I suck. I can't seem to find time to update ye olde FlannelEnigma. I keep hoping that work life will settle a bit, and I can find time to post a bit more. I owe you all, at the very least, a review of the Yo La Tengo show last Saturday night. It's coming, I promise.

As for all the very salacious and interesting occurrences around us, I hope to get back to that. Quick note: how stupid does Boston's city government look. I am Errr, feel my fury, but not that kind of fury. Of course there is always USA v. Mexico in about 20 hours. My guess is despite the rabid Mexico support in Arizona, the best they'll manage is a draw. Call it 1-1.

NP: absolutely nothing

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