Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Project

I doubt you've noticed it, but I've added a couple of new blogs to my sidebar. Also, I've started a new project that's much more work focused: Contented: a weblog dedicated to content strategy and web copywriting. I don't know how far I'll get with it alone, but I felt the need to write about some of the things I deal with on a day-to-day basis at work. Hopefully, I can expand the authorship over there as well. In any case, that stuff really didn't really seem to fit here. So, if you're interested, click on over. If not, nothing to see there, please move along.

Brand Obama

A Newsweek blog has an interesting post describing how Obama's branding efforts are more thorough and complete than any campaign thus far, and certainly more so than his rival. It explores something I've been thinking about as well. Obama's "brand" looks way more Apple or Target than Hillary's or McCain's (Dell and Wal-Mart/Army circa 2003).

Also, his "O" logo scales much better online than Hillary's.

From a copy perspective, Obama definitely has a tagline, whereas Hillary doesn't that I can find. "Ready from day one" just doesn't cut the mustard. While "Change I can believe in" isn't great (is that a preposition I see at the end of that sentence?), at least it's an attempt.

What does this mean. Not a heck of a lot, but I still think it's interesting. Could something like this influence those of us that work in such matters? Perhaps, but we were probably pre-disposed to support him anyway.

[Cross posted sort of at Contented]

UPDATE: Now, the Obama logo has been'd... It must be all Web 2.0.

Monday, February 18, 2008

This Is My Career on Drugs...

Here is the full text of a legitimate business e-mail I just sent in response to a request for helping out with a couple of hours of content work for a project I'm not assigned to:
I'm pretty busy helping out with Don't Ask, or I Don't Know (I can't keep them straight), but I may have some time at the end of the week. I'll try and catch up with you on IM tomorrow to try and figure something out.
I think I miss the buzzwords.

Any questions?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Flannel Enigma Endorsemet

I know you all were waiting for this with baited breath, but I voted for, and will endorse, Barack Obama for President of the United States.

I'm the whitest of the white, but I still like Obama. My parents both like Obama. Even my Republican brother would consider voting for Obama. That's enough isn't it. That covers the entire spectrum. Strangely, my Gingrinch-Republican brother and I started off as Edwards supporters. Go progressive brother (not meant in any racial-cultural way).

Don't get me wrong. I like Hillary. I like the Clintons a lot. But that's a subject for another post (closer to something that matters like the PA primary).

Obama '08!

So yeah, I'm Back.

Lots to see here, so clicky those linky's to move on along.

Reducing My Carbon Footprint

I haven't driven my car in almost two months. Imagine that if you can. I've been without my own little piece of the American dream for almost two months. I still own a car, but it hasn't moved. Heck, for much longer than that, the main purpose for my car was to get me to the Brewhouse at early hours of Saturdays and Sundays to watch the Arsenal on TV.

So, how am I getting along? Perfectly fine, thank you very much! I take MARTA to work every day without fail (I'm lucky that my employer and my client both live within easy walks of a train station). The time on the train actually works much better than time in a car in getting me ready for my workday. It gets my head right in the same way as reading the paper worked for my Dad. I listen to various podcasts and music on my iPod, and boy, is the people watching ever fun.

Anyone else ready to make the leap?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Generation X President?

Barack Obama was born in 1961 (eight years before your host for those that are counting). Would that make him the first Gex-X candidate? The sources are mixed. According to Wikipedia, the number ranges from 1961 to 1964. In any case, I'm not a baby boomer and nor is he really; I'm much closer in age to Obama than Clinton (or McCain or Huckabee for that matter). My Mother, on the other hand, born in the first year of the baby boom, is closer to the rest. Make you own call.

We built the damn Internet as you know it (Amazon et al.), why can't a gen-x'er be president?

Holy Cow

Never mind defeating Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama received more votes in Virginia in his primary win than all the Republican candidates combined (approximately 560,000 to 445,000 with 94% reporting).

In Virginia! A state that hasn't voted for a Democratic candidate in my memory (Jimmy Carter may have won there, but I'm too arsed to do the actual research). In Virginia even!

I've refrained from posting on politics this cycle, but I suppose that this post will show you all where my loyalties lie.